Springtime Explosion (Tulip Bulb Collection)

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Get ready to witness an explosion of vibrant hues as these tulips bloom in your garden. From radiant reds and sunny yellows to mesmerizing pinks and oranges, this collection offers a stunning variety of shades that will transform your outdoor space into a floral paradise.

For just $19.99, you can bring the magic of springtime to your doorstep. We'll ensure a seamless delivery of these 50 bulbs right to your door, allowing you to prepare for planting during the fall season.

With the Springtime Explosion Tulip Bulb Collection, you have the opportunity to create a breathtaking garden filled with the joy and vibrancy of spring. Don't miss out on this extraordinary offer – order now and get ready to embrace the magnificent explosion of colors that awaits you next spring!

Included in your order:

- A mix of 50 top size tulip bulbs imported from Holland (the same ones we use in our fields!)

- Easy and straight-forward planting instructions

- Free shipping in the fall!